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Unlock  the Secrets of Effortless Nail Brush Cleaning!

While many individuals immerse themselves in vibrant nail colors and intricate designs, it's common to overlook a seemingly insignificant accessory—the nail brush. This indispensable tool not only helps in creating delicate lines and patterns but also plays a crucial role in achieving stunning fingertip art. However, for the nail brush to maintain its shape and performance, regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential to enhance the overall nail experience.
Let's explore some tips on how to effectively remove gel nail polish and residue from your brushes!

STEP 01: 

Pour a sufficient amount of brush cleaner into a container.


STEP 02: 

Begin by using acetone and a wipe to remove any gel residue from the brush.


STEP 03: 

Dip the brush into the brush cleaner, then gently wipe it on a cotton pad to eliminate any remaining polish or residue.


STEP 04: 

Finally, apply cuticle oil to the brush to prevent it from drying out.
The process is quite simple, isn't it? Give your nail brush a quick and rejuvenating bath to maintain its quality.
If your current nail brush has been a faithful companion for many years and is displaying signs of wear, consider exploring our range of affordable and durable nail brushes!