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Affiliate Program?

  • Join our affiliate program and make some cash. For every order placed with your affiliate code or link, you will earn at least 15% commission.

  • We created this program as a way to thank all the amazing customers of Beetlesgel for your constant support and loyalty to our brand.

  • It is because of all of you telling your family and friends about our products that we owe our succcess, and now it is timefor us to give back.

What You Get?

  • We pay at least 15% commission for any product sales made on our website through your affiliate link or code.
  • Gain access to affiliate-only special deals.
  • Special access to affiliate exclusive news and products sneak peeks.
  • Support from our Affiliate Expert team to help you thrive!
  • Sales reports and analytics that allow you to track your income
  • Free shipping on orders over $35 or £35.
  • 30-day cookie duration.

Our Affiliate Programs

How It Work?

Sign up and join us on any affiliate program.
Get the tracking links and post on your blogs or social networks, or with family and friends.
Customers click the link and place an order.
Generate sales and get rewarded at least 15% commission on every sale! Commissions are settled monthly.

What Our


What is the Beetles Gel Polish Affiliate Program?

The Beetles Gel Polish Affiliate Program lets you refer potential buyers to the Beetles Gel Store using a personalized affiliate link. You'll earn a commission for any orders placed through your link.

As an official Beetles Gel Partner, you'll gain access to exclusive promotions and content available only to affiliates, designed to help increase conversions.

How can I join the Beetles Gel Polish Affiliate Program?

Select your preferred affiliate network. Apply to join the program and await approval. Once approved, you can access our promotional links and start earning commissions.

Is it possible for my affiliate commission to be reversed?
Yes. In certain situations, if a customer returns a product within 30 days, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if an order is invalidated due to a disputed charge or credit card fraud, the commission for that transaction will be canceled.
How do I withdraw my commission?

Affiliate commissions are paid monthly based on net sales, excluding returns, sales tax, or shipping and handling fees. You can directly withdraw your commission from the affiliate network you're using. For specific rules and guidelines regarding withdrawals, please refer to the policies of your chosen affiliate network.

How does the 30-day cookie work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie will be added to their browser, ensuring that you receive credit for any Beetles Gel Store orders they make within the next 30 days. This allows you to earn commissions even if the purchase is not made immediately after clicking the link.

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