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Last Update: 25th May, 2024


The Beetles Brands respects your privacy and values the relationship we have with you.


This Cookie Policy provides you with clear and accessible information about the cookies and similar technologies we use and the choices you have via your cookies settings.


Unless otherwise defined in this Cookie Policy, capitalized terms used have the same meaning as in our Privacy Policy which sets out how your personal information is collected, used and shared.




Cookies are small text files that websites place on your Internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings in your browser which allows us to remember you when you come back to our websites and provide you with personalised experiences and advertisements. There are many types of cookies, which usually include:


Cookies strictly necessary for the website to function allow you to use the main features of websites, which make browsing easier and are required to make online purchases.


Third-party cookies are particularly statistical analysis cookies that collect information about navigation on our website, thereby enabling us to improve your user experience and tailor the services to your preferences. There are also advertising cookies that aim to personalise and/or improve the content and browsing experience by providing you with interest-based services on other websites.


We use different types of cookies on our websites, including strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and targeting cookies. Our Privacy Policy provides details on how we collect and use your personal information.




When you access our website, we ask you to provide consent for our use of non-essential cookies. We may repeat this request on subsequent visits to our website, for example if you delete cookies from your browser or we need to request new consents from you. When we seek your consent, you will either be able to provide consent for all non-essential cookies that we would like to use, or you can tailor your cookies preferences.


We may only store and access non-essential cookies on your device with your consent. You are not obliged to give consent to our use of non-essential cookies. If you do give your consent and later change your mind, you can block or delete the cookies. However, please note that where cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of our websites, we can use these without your consent and they cannot be managed.


You can edit your cookie preferences at any time by using the tool available on websites or by editing your browser settings. You can find a list of cookies used in connection with any of our websites and edit your preferences by accessing the Cookies Setting sat the bottom of each of our Brand websites. When editing your cookie preferences, please note that your settings only apply to the browser you use to submit your opt-out request, so if you use multiple browsers or devices, you must opt-out on each browser, on each device. Your opt-out is enabled using cookies, so once you opt-out, if you delete your browser’s saved cookies on a device, you will need to opt-out again on that browser on that device.


Ⅲ. Browser Settings


You can easily disable and/or delete cookies from your computer, tablet or mobile phone by managing your browser settings. We recommend that you do not disable cookies strictly necessary for the website to function because this would prevent you from ordering online and enjoying the services of Beetles websites.


Please find below instructions about managing cookies, depending on your browser:


Internet Explorer

Go to Tools menu, then Internet Options.

Click on Confidentiality, then click on Advanced.

In the Cookies window, select your preferences.


Google Chrome

Click the Chrome menu, the upper right button.

Select Settings then click on Show advanced settings.

In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button.

Select your preferred option(s) in the Cookies section.



Go to Tools then Options menu.

Click on the Privacy settings.

Select Use custom settings for history.

Select your preferred option(s) on the Accept cookies from sites section.



Click on Safari, then Preferences.

Click on the Privacy tab.

Go to Block cookies and select your preferred option(s).


*Please note that the effectiveness of these steps may vary depending on your browser version. We cannot guarantee their success. This article serves as a suggestion and offers a basic guideline.




This Cookie Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal information and cookies practices. When we post changes to this Cookie Policy we will modify the “Last Update” at the top of this Cookie Policy to indicate when latest Cookie Policy have come into effect.




If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, you can contact us by email: For support and product-related matters or other service inquiries, please continue to contact us through the Customer Service page.