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Mastering the At-Home Manicure: 7 Simple Steps for Beginners

Whether you relish the sense of accomplishment from DIY manicures or aim to save on salon expenses, becoming adept at at-home manicures is a valuable skill. Here's a straightforward guide for beginners.​


Now, Here's What To Do:

1. Shape: Trim your fingernails with nail clippers. When cutting your nails, do not start in the middle. You’d better start on the side and work your way across so you don't split the nail. When it comes to filing, you'll want to start off using your file to whittle your nails into your desired shape: oval, square, rounded square, or whatever shape you want. Please file from the sidewall to the center on either nail, as seesaw filing can cause hangnails. Swiping it in one direction on either side of the center will ensure a smoother finish (sans hangnails).
2. Buff: Achieve a smooth surface for painting by buffing your nails. Glide a nail buffer across each nail for a few seconds, ensuring the surface is smooth. Buffing is crucial for optimal polish application and appearance.
3. Cuticle Cleaning: Apply nail cuticle softener directly to your cuticles. Gently push back the cuticles to reveal the nail plate, enhancing the elongated look of your nails.
4. Clean: Using a nail brush, sweep away any dust or debris from the nail surface. Wipe the nail surface with alcohol-dipped cotton pads for the finishing touch. This ensures a clean canvas for the subsequent application and prevents particles from affecting the gel polish.
5. Apply Base Coat: Rest your hand and apply a thin layer of base coat. This ensures even color application and prevents staining. Cure under a Beetles UV/LED nail lamp for 60-90 seconds before proceeding.
6. Apply 2-3 Layers Of Color Gel: Apply a thin layer of color gel and cure under the Beetles UV/LED lamp for 60-120 seconds. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times as needed.
7. Apply Top Coat: Seal your color and add shine by applying Beetles quality topcoat polish. Cure under a UV LED lamp for 60-90 seconds. Consider reapplying topcoat periodically to retain moisture and prevent chipping.
What You'll Need: To care for your nails effectively, gather essential tools and items: a nail file, buffer, cuticle oil, nail brush, base coat, chosen color gel, and a top coat.
For newcomers, consider Beetles All-In-One Nail Starter Kit — a high-quality, cost-effective option providing all the necessary tools for a successful DIY manicure.