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Dazzle Your Nails: Mastering Ombre Glitters with Nail Extension Gel!

Hey, trendsetters! Ombre glitter nails are stealing the spotlight in today's fashion game, bringing that perfect blend of gradient colors and sparkly magic for all the fashion-forward babes out there.​

Beetles Nail Extension Gel, our secret weapon, is like the superhero of nail materials. It's all flexible and lightweight, effortlessly hugging your nails for that realistic, naturally charming finish. And guess what? When it comes to crafting those flawless ombre glitter nails, Beetles Nail Extension Gel is the MVP, making the color transition smooth and giving you that seamless, naturally blended gradient effect.​

Now, let's get into action! Check out the video to nail the process.

STEP 01: 
Grab your favorite colors of Beetles Nail Extension Gel, press it onto your nails with a dual form, and lock it in place with a clip.​
(✘ Pro tip: Don't go squirting out all 3 colors of nail extension gel and drying it straight up. That spilled gel is a messy hassle to clean, and it's too thick.)


STEP 02: 
Pour out some slip solution and dip your brush into it.


STEP 03: 

Gently pat that nail extension gel in place and give it a quick cure.


STEP 04: 

File those nails to perfection and apply top coat.
Easy peasy, right? And guess what's the cherry on top? After the curing magic, Beetles Nail Extension Gel transforms into this bombshell substance, standing strong against wear and tear. It keeps your ombre glitter nails looking on point for ages, resisting the fade and keeping the glam intact in your day-to-day hustle. So, say goodbye to worries about chipping or dulling – your ombre glitter nails are here to slay! 🌈💅✨