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Small Body, Big Power

- Introducing the Beetles Innovative Gel Nail Lamp -

Have you ever wanted to change or fix your manicures on the go, but the nail lamp is too large to pack and carry? Have you ever tried to use nail lamps to cure your false nail tips, but there is no room for another hand to secure the tip in the right place? Do you find it annoying when you finish your perfect nail art with all the efforts, and then it is scratched
or displaced by the siding of the nail lamp, and everything feels so ruined that you have to start all over again? Do you think the curing time with your old lamp is so long that it
takes forever to cure your nails? Meet the revolutionary and innovative gel nail LED lamp, proudly and originally invented by Beetles!
The Beetles mini LED nail lamp is especially designed to cure false gel nail tips, but it also cures all kinds of gel nail polish such as color gel, gel liner, builder gel, and extension gel.
It’s super easy to carry with a height of only 3.15 inches and a width of 1.93 inches. You know how the best things come in small packages; the mini lamp can cure gel polish in a
flash with its centralized dual LED light sources. It’s perfect for on-the-go situations.
But its superiority is much more than that. It’s a mini nail lamp that was originally upgraded for Beetles false nail extension systems. Without any sidewall, the curing area is
unlimited, so the false nail tips or any nail extension systems can easily fit in. You can cure your nail extensions at any angle without worrying about being burnt or scratched by
the sidings. And there is also room for another hand to secure the false nail tips to prevent them from displacing.
The innovative and revolutionary parts of the mini nail lamp lie in its smart sensor and levitation control. The smart sensor allows the mini lamp to sense the location of your
hands so that when you put your finger under the lamp, the light is on automatically, and when you take out the finger, the light is off automatically. The design saves you from
pressing the button when your hand is occupied with securing the false nail tip in the right spot. Just put, and cure. The default time is 60 seconds, and the lamp will turn off
automatically after 60 seconds of working. Levitation control means wherever your fingers are near 2 to 5 mm to the sensor panel, the lights turn on automatically, enabling an
unlimited curing area for up to 3 fingers at a time.
With a small body, it has big power. Its 5W UV lamps are efficient enough for fast manicures and portable enough for gel nail art on the go. It is also more affordable and
convenient than any other professional nail lamp with the exact same function and quality. It takes up little space on the table or in luggage, and it can even fit in your jeans
pocket. It’s the best solution for any gel manicure lovers, from beginners to pros. Get one of these teeny tiny nail lamps, and you can save all the effort of browsing around for any other UV/LED lamps.