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How to apply Acrylic Powder?

Step 1: Apply a nail tip.
Pick out the correct size and shape then apply a small amount of nail glue to the tip. Press and hold the nail tip (with nail glue on) until you can feel the tip has stuck(generally 15s). Using nail tip cutters or nail scissors (trickier to use), cut/snip the nail tip to your desired length. File down the nail tip to the shape you would like.

Step 2: Apply nail prep.
Ensure no dust remains from the filing of the tip and apply nail prep/dehydrator to the entire nail bed. Apply acid-free nail primer to the entire nail bed

Step 3: Prepare the acrylic liquid and powder.
Pour your acrylic liquid into your dappen dish, then dip the acrylic brush into it. Swipe the brush on the edge of the dappen dish once to get the excess liquid off. Dip the brush tip into the acrylic powder and stroke the brush through the powder towards you until you create a ball of acrylic.

Step 4: Apply the acrylic powder.
Apply the ball of acrylic to the top of the nail (near the cuticle) and bring the bead down to the every tip. Sculpt the acrylic by pressing the brush flat to your nail and gently moving the acrylic to smooth out bumps and to spread it out evenly (Remember to keep your brush clean by dipping it into the acrylic liquid while doing this) and wait a little over 2 minutes for the acrylic to dry.
*If you need more acrylic to cover the entire nail, repeat until you're satisfied with the coverage of the nail.

Step 5: File the entire nail.
File the entire nail until it is smooth on the top and around the edges and to make the shape more defined. (The higher the grit count on the nail file, the smoother the file. i.e 240/240 is smoother than an 80/80 nail file).

Step 6: Apply top coat - cure. Finish!
Apply top coat and cure it. Finish off the look by adding a stroke of cuticle oil.

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