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Effortless Tips for Flawlessly Removing False Nails ​
– Your Ultimate Guide!

False nail tips are often considered the easiest nail extension system. Most of the false nail tip systems on the market are perfectly pre-shaped, saving you from trimming and filing for the desired nail shape and preventing any possible shaping errors. It is ideal for gel nail beginners who want to DIY nail extension at home but get nervous just hearing about the application process of other nail extension systems such as poly gel and acrylic powder.​

For beginners, the main and maybe only concern before getting a false nail tip extension kit is worrying that the removal process will be troublesome. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. 
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STEP 01:
Clip the nail tip short.​


STEP 02:
Use a hand file to file off the top coat from the nail tip for the underneath layers to better soak in with the acetone.​


STEP 03:
Soak a cotton ball in the acetone remover and place it on top of the nail.​


STEP 04:
Fix the cotton ball to the nail using aluminum foils or any other nail wrap.​


STEP 05:
Wait for 15-20 minutes for the nail to soak up the acetone thoroughly.​


STEP 06:
Remove the acetone wrap. Make sure to remove the wrap one at a time, which means DO NOT remove it for the next nail until the last nail is finished with the next step. Otherwise, the acetone will become dry and hardened, making the previous soaking process be meaningless and the following step be impossible.​


STEP 07:
Push off the soften gel gently with a cuticle pusher. If you have removed the acetone wraps all at a time from the last step, it would be difficult to push off the gel and your natural nails may hurt during the process.​


STEP 08:
Trim the nail to a desired shape, use a nail buffer to polish the surface, clean the nail plate and apply cuticle oil to the cuticle area.

With the electric drill, the procedure comes off as efficient and tidy, but it demands some skill in maneuvering the drill bit; otherwise, you might end up with a slightly bumpy surface. On the other hand, the acetone wrap method might appear a tad fussy, yet it's undeniably safer, granted you don't leave your nails wrapped for an excessive duration.
Now that the removal process is completely straightforward, there's no need to fear removing nail tips. It's time to find the right nail tip set for you!