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The holiday is coming. We are offering some special coupons for holiday season sale. The campaign banners and text links has been uploaded and is available for download from Impact. These coupons has got a great performance in high conversion rate in our recent report. We hope the promotion can get you more orders! Please take a look as below:



Expiry date  

Commission Rate


DEAL20 30% off for press on nails collection 2022-11-30 20%
BEETLES 20% off mani spa kits collection 2022-11-30 18%
BEETLES 20% off Christmas nails collection 2022-11-30 18%

Please send good quaity traffic to Beetles and we hope the promotion can get you more orders!

Meanwhile, we are open to discussing any exposure opportunities to acquire new customers and boost the sales. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any great proposals. 


Have a nice day.

Amy | Beetles Affiliate Team