Nail Prep Dehydrate, Primer and Cuticle Oil


"The preparation of the nail plate is the most important step in any professional artificial nail.Use Beetles duo set to increase adhesion for great nails! Nail Prep is perfect to reduce nail oil & to create a strong foundation. "

-Nourish and Protect Skin, Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Acrylic Powder and Gel Nail Polish. Compatible with all gel nail, acrylic powder, and liquid system, as well as any artificial nail art.

-Nail Prep Dehydrate (.5 fl.Oz/15 ml)
-Nail Primer*1(.5 fl.Oz/15 ml)
-Nail & Cuticle Oil*1(.25 fl.Oz/7.5 ml)

Applying Tips: A nail dehydrator is placed on your natural nail before anything else and creates a surface that nails polish and acrylic nails can easily bind to, after that is when a nail primer is put on.

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