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Chic Outfits- 25 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set

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Scarlett Red #a222 |15ml Gel Polish

$12.99 USD

Marilyn White #a219 |15ml Gel Polish

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Canary Yellow #a649 |15ml Gel Polish

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Colorful Candies- 36 Colors Gel Nail Polish Gift Set

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Vivid Seasons Manicure Kit: 35 Gel Colors, Tools, Accessories, and Care Essentials

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  • Step1:
    Start with clean nails after applying medium almond nail  tips.
  • Step2:
    Apply a thin layer of foundation base gel and cure under a UV lamp for 30 secs.
  • Step3:
    Apply two layers of color gel polish (color: ia222), curing each layer under a UV lamp for 30 secs.
  • Step4:
    Leave some color gel on a clean empty plate. Use a dotting pen to draw petals (color: a219)
  • Step5:
    Draw the rest part (color: e534), curing under a UV lamp for 30 secs.
  • Step6:
    Apply a layer of top coat and cure under a UV lamp for 60 secs.
  • Step7:
    Apply a moderate amount of cuticle oil around the cuticle area and gently massage to nourish and protect the cuticles.
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