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FAQs of Beetles Press-on Nails

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Count!

What’s the right size for a press-on?

If you meant by width, make sure to measure the width of your natural nail plates to see if the press-on nails can fully cover your natural nails before making a purchase. If you meant by length, a press-on is the greatest invention for trying out several nail lengths and shapes at such affordable prices and with easy application.
Just grab a few press-ons in different lengths and shapes to see which fits your style and lifestyle best. If a natural style is what you are looking for, try a short length that’s more real, less likely to pop off or be damaged, and perfect for sporty, professional, and household wear.

How to remove press-on nails?

If you used nail glue to apply the press-on nails, you'll need to soak them in an acetone-based nail polish remover for about 10-15 minutes. After that, use the little stick included
around the edges of the press-on nails to loosen them in a soft and slow manner. Last but not least, use the buffer to smooth the surface of your nails and apply cuticle oil.

What’s the difference between Beetles press-ons and others?

To start with, it’s not a simple difference that makes Beetles distinguish from others. How about: "Why are Beetles press-ons the most considerate press-ons on earth?"
First of all, the Beetles press-ons use premium resilient material that simulates natural nails, which have sturdy strength but are also breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Sometimes you just forget you are wearing press-on nails. Aren’t these all you can ask from press-on nails? And there will be no more easy breakage, no more stiff and dull looks, no more sharp edges and no more lumpy chunky nails.
Let's look into the details:
1、They are thicker at the tip for no bends or losing shape; they have a tapered and smooth cuticle for a seamless and comfortable fit between natural nails and the press-ons, a flexible contour to fit 99% of natural nails, a moderate thickness for looking real and will not lose shape.
2、In addition to the material, for more durable use, the press-ons are pre-applied with gel top coat, which makes them more wear-resistant without chipping. They are glossier and realistic with a gel-like plump color effect and long-lasting shine. Just like professionally done, these press-ons have a light-reflecting shiny finish, high-pigmented color effect, and totally natural and smooth looks. Glossy nails are really just one tip away!
Moreover, Beetles has taken some detailed points into action that other brands don't have the professional R & D team to make them come true. For example, Beetles created the most inclusive and flexible nail mold with 1000+ trials, just to make sure the nail shape and contour fit every one of our customers.
On the other hand, we made our exclusive nail glue, which is more viscous, securing a 21 days+ lasting without compromising comfort. Our glue included in the set also has a cap brush to make the application smoother. You can apply glue wherever you want on the nail plate or press-on with one stroke, while others use a dropper which is difficult to apply, getting glue everywhere on your skin.
In addition to the 10mL largr volume glue(other brand 2mL), our whole prep kit is reusable while the kits of other brands are just one-time-use.

You know you deserve the best, no more frustration of nail lifting and things getting caught, and say goodbye to the insecurity of nails popping off anytime. Choose Beetles press-on nails, reasonable prices with high-end quality!