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5 Reasons You Must Try Dip Mani

In case you're not familiar with dip mani, let us explain it first. Dip mani involves using dipping powder to create your nail art. What’s so different about dipping powder? Well to start with, it does not require a UV/LED lamp to cure, which means you don’t have to spend all the efforts to choose a qualified nail lamp and wait for more than a minute for the gel on each nail to be cured.

Many of nail lovers who have heard of dipping powder may be intimidated by the rumors of the difficulty of its application therefore just stick with gel polish. Actually, if you are ‘brave’ enough to try it once, you will find it completely not as difficult as you thought it would be, maybe even easier than the application of gel polish, especially if you have shaky hands when applying the gel. Keep reading to find 5 reasons you must dry dipping manicure no matter if you are a mani lover or a total beginner.

1. Fast

Dip mani is super fast once you get the gist of it. Most of the steps only take 20 seconds for the dip liquid to air dry. And the whole process can be finished in less than an hour. The trick is to apply dip powder following the sequence of each nail in a hand, so that when you finish the thumb in this step, for example, the pinky is ready for the next step.

2. Easy

The necessary steps for a dip mani only include: prep, base, powder, base, powder, activator*2 layers and top* 2 layers. Since the color is dip-on, you don’t have to worry about unevenness. It’s super recommendable to do dip mani when you’re going over your favorite TV series for the thousand time. You have double fun at the same time and it also avoids you from guzzling junk foods cause you ‘re so focused and no emptiness can be felt.

3. Fun

Have you ever dreamed of breaking your favorite hourglass to feel the smooth and colorful sand inside when you were a kid? You’re a grown-up now, you can be completely honest with your desire but instead of breaking an hourglass, it would be less damaging to just play with dipping powder! The Beetles dipping powder is ultra even and silky smooth thanks to our superior milling system. It flows just like the sand inside the hourglass, but even finer!

4. Durable & Lightweight

Dipping powder nails are stronger and more durable than gel nails since the bond of dip powder and dip liquid is integral. Take the Beetles dipping powder as an example. It lasts for 3-5 weeks under normal circumstances while gel polish lasts for 3-4 weeks at the longest. Dip mani also protects and reinforces brittle nails without the lumpy chunky feeling of acrylic or poly gel nails.

5.Intense Pigmented

Different from gel polish, the color of dipping powder is more vivid and vibrant, and less likely to discolor. You can even create a rough matte or opaque finish like frosted glass with color built-in. On the other hand, the effect with a high-shine top coat would be crystal glossy and especially dreamy if with glitter.
Genuine knowledge comes from practice. With so many theories, why not try dip mani yourself? Cuz you know, baby I just wanna see you dip, see you dip, make it dip, make it dip, yeah baby show me how you make it dip, can you make it dip? Make it dip, make it dip, make it dip...