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Unlock Perfection: 5 Pro Tips for a Gel Manicure That Lasts!

Many gel nail polish brands boast about the durability of their products, claiming they can last for over 4 weeks. However, have you ever experienced your gel manicure starting
to lift within a few days, especially when you're doing it yourself at home? Whether you plan to change your nail art weekly or not, dealing with a lifting manicure is always
Keep reading for 5 valuable tips to ensure your manicure stands the test of time!

1. Prepping is Crucial!

One common reason for a lifting manicure is inadequate preparation of the nail plate before applying the base coat. Ensure you use a hand file or an electric drill to remove the
shine from the nail plate, paying special attention to the cuticle area and edges of the nail. Thoroughly prepping the nail in this manner addresses any unevenness or lumpiness, promoting better adhesion and, ultimately, a longer-lasting result.

2. Removing Dust or Oil is Essential

It's crucial to remove excess dust or oil left on the nail plate after filing and buffing. A dust-free and oil-free nail plate is essential for preventing gel polish from lifting or peeling. Use a brush to remove any dust after filing and buffing, and follow up with a nail prep dehydrator, such as an alcohol pad, to carefully wipe off any remaining dust and oil before applying gel nail polish. Avoid touching the nail plate after cleansing, as any contact can reintroduce dust or oil.

3. Thin and Even Gel Layer is the Key

When applying gel nail polish, ensure a thin and even layer for each application. If the color appears too transparent, apply a few additional layers to achieve the desired shade. Never apply a thick layer and cure your nails right away; this may lead to bubbling or wrinkling. Beginners can wipe off excess gel from the brush if they struggle to control the
amount. One of the advantages of gel nail polish is that if you are not satisfied with the layer just applied, you can wipe it off before curing without damaging the last layer and
re-apply it until you are completely satisfied. Believe me, this means the whole world to perfectionists.

4. Time Control is Important

During the curing process, follow the recommended curing time provided in the instruction manual. Carefully read the application guide before creating your masterpiece. Avoid removing your hands from the UV/LED lamp during the curing process and then reinserting them, as this can impact the curing effect, leading to lifting manicures. Note that
curing time may vary slightly based on the wattage or brand of your nail lamp, and it's advisable to use a lamp from the same brand as your gel polish.

5. Protect Your Nails Carefully

Finally, after curing, do not scrub your manicures violently, do not crash your manicures, but DO use cuticle oil to keep healthy nails after every manicure and also regularly. Try to use qualified nail products. Now, you are fully prepared for getting the perfectly long-lasting DIY manicure. Get ready to upgrade your nail game and have fun!
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